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The Spyder meets the same exacting manufacturing standards applied to our
356 Speedster replicas..

The design of the 550 Spyder is based upon the classic Porsche 550,
the fore-runner of the 911.
Unlike many other replicas, the 550 Spyder is assembled by an experienced team of auto-engineers around a rigid tubular space-frame chassis. It is not just a look-alike body grafted onto an elderly, flexible, cut-and-welded VW floor-pan.

550 Spyder interiors are hand-crafted from the finest leather. Door panels, map pockets, dash and gauge cluster, steering wheel, gear shift and emergency brake cover
- all made by craftsmen.

550 Spyders meet aero-industry quality standards and rightly have an international reputation as replicas of perfection.

The BSC 550 Spyder takes advantage of modern materials and advances in manufacturing techniques to produce a safe, reliable vehicle faithful to the lines and details of the original design.
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BSC Speedster
BSC Speedster