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Do I need to take CS 110? When should I take It?CS 110 is required of ALL CS and ACS majors, both freshmen and transfer students, who are under the 2017- 2018 catalog or later. No class, at GMU or elsewhere, may be used to substitute for.

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Degree Requirements for the BS in Computer ScienceFor the BS CS degree, students must complete 120 credits, including the Mason Core requirements. These requirements may vary according to the catalog under which you expect to.

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This bachelor's degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, 2. Change of Major. Students requesting a change of major to computer science must have a GPA of at least 2.75 in all.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Contact Information. 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444. (703) 993-1070. [email protected] Website. Fairfax, VA. Explore Map. Computer Science. Program and Specialty rankings.

The Computer Science graduate program prepares students for research and professional practice in computer science and related. Financial aid in the form of graduate assistantships may be available for full-time degree-seeking students.

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catoid=29&coid=305053) or MATH 125 ( preview_course_nopop.php?catoid=29&coid=305056), with a grade of B or better. See Change of Major for more information. Computer Science, Computer Engineering Double.

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Applied Computer Science, BS. Catalog Home/; Colleges and Schools/.

How do I keep track of my degree progress?The GMU Catalog lists the official requirements for each degree.

The Computer Science Department offers two Bachelor of Science degrees: the BS in Computer Science and the inter-disciplinary BS in Applied Computer Science. Students pursing the BS in Applied Computer Science degree will select one.

Why doesn't the Applied CS degree have a CS-related requirement?The requirement of several courses in the application discipline, e.g., software engineering, is in effect a much bigger CS-related requirement, related by being an area of.

Degree RequirementsThe BS ACS Game Design concentration can be successfully completed within the normal 120 semester hour degree at GMU. In addition to Mason Core requirements including humanities, and social science, the BS.

For the BS CS degree, students must complete 120 credits, including the Mason Core requirements. In addition to core and elective computer science courses, the BS in Computer Science program also requires 12 credits of natural science.

BS-ACS and BS-CS majors are required to take both CS 110 and CS 306, which fulfill the ethics requirement.What section of English 302 should I take?All majors in the CS department must take the "natural sciences" section of ENGH 302.

Applied computer science is a degree program for those students who want and need the knowledge and expertise of computer science to work in one of the many disciplines that require advanced computing techniques. The program offers.

Coordinates: 38°49′39″N 77°18′18.7″W / 38.82750°N 77.305194°W / 38.82750; -77.305194 The Volgenau School of Engineering is. It was also the first school to offer a doctoral degree in information technology and remains the Commonwealth of Virginia's only school of. Applied Information Technology; Bioengineering; Biostatistics; Civil and Infrastructure Engineering; Computer Science; Computer. master_of_science_degrees.php.

Includes a project to introduce problem solving using computers. All computer science majors are required to take this course within their first year. Notes: All computer science majors are required to take this course within their first year.

The BS in Applied Computer Science was created as an inter-disciplinary program that allows CS students to study. As traditional four-year degree programs, The BS CS and BS ACS programs do not offer online courses or evening courses.

Foundation for successful careers in industry: Graduates of the program will have a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications of computer science. They will have the educational foundation that.

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