How Many Miles X For 50 Gallons Gas Math Question

Computes the miles per gallon of your car via the miles traveled and the number of gallons used. Also, if you enter the cost per gallon and how many miles you drive a.

9-6-2009  · Miles per hour is calculated by knowing how long an object has been moving and how many miles it has. One Simple Trick to get 100 miles per gallon with.

Do you know how to figure out how many miles per gallon of gas a. math skills. to figure out how many miles. on 53.8 gallons of gas? (53.8 x 7 = _____ miles).

This means that your vehicle will give you 20 miles per gallon driving in the city and. Estimate gas cost if gas. Private math tutors; Ask a math question;

math. A car traveled 63 miles on 3 gallons. Let x be the number of miles driven on 50 gallons. The car used 25 gallons of gas.How many full miles did the.

Math and Arithmetic Algebra. The answer to the question is: (50 miles/gallon) x. If you have 30 miles per gallon how many miles do you get for one liter of gas?

4-4-2012  · If a woman can drive her car 200 miles on 6 gallons of gas, how many miles can she. Just a few math questions. help. x = 300 <===== ANSWER {B. 300.

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SAT Suite of Assessments Sample Questions. car is 21 miles per gallon when the car travels at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. The car’s gas tank has 17.

9-7-2019  · Multiple units word problem: drug dosage (advanced). Your car gets 25 miles per gallon, how many gallons am I using?

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Math and Arithmetic Algebra. The answer to the question is: (50 miles/gallon) x. If you have 30 miles per gallon how many miles do you get for one liter of gas?

ACT math practice questions. simple math. 1.A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04. require a pump that pumps a minimum of how many gallons per.

Divide 420 miles by 20 gallons of gas. If you’ve gone 360 miles on 12 gallons of gas, how many miles. 420 miles/20 gal = x miles/70 gallons and solve for x.

. and her gas tank can hold 18 gallons of gas. How many miles can sam. Questions. Math. Beth’s car has a gas tank. 1/ 20 of a gallon per mile.let x be the.

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A car can travel 32 miles for each gallon of gasoline. The function d(x)=32x represents the distance d(X) ,in miles, that the car can travel with x gallons of gas.

Calculate the fuel cost to drive between cities based on the distance and your car’s gas. Cost of Driving Calculator. fuel efficiency in miles per gallon.

7-7-2019  · How to Calculate Fuel Consumption. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, This tells you how many miles you drove per gallon of gas.

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Find out how many gallons of gas will be used. Find out the miles per gallon value of your vehicle. Frequently Asked Questions What would gas cost for my trip?

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12-1-2011  · How to Calculate Your Gas Mileage mahalodotcom. record how many gallons it takes. 300 miles driven/15 gallons of gas=20 miles per gallon

Fuel economy and mileage is. The amount your would save would depend on how many miles you. The amount of miles you can drive on a gallon of gas.