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Apr 22, 2018  · Topic 10: Organic Chemistry – 11 Hours for SL and HL. 10.1 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry. Key IB points to keep in mind. Structural formulas can be represented in full and condensed format. Functional groups are the reactive parts of molecules. Saturated compounds contain single bonds only and unsaturated compounds contain double or triple.

10.2 – Alkanes. Compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon. There are three types alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. Alkanes have a CH 3 group at each end (except methane has only one CH 4) and fill out the required number with CH 2 groups. Nomenclature (Naming system)

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10.1 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry: Essential Idea: Organic chemistry focuses on the chemistry of compounds containing carbon. Understandings: A homologous series is a series of compounds of the same family, with the same general formula, which differ from each other by a common structural unit.

IB Chemistry (SL) Coral Gables Senior High School Topic 10 Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry Organic chemistry: focuses on molecular compounds that contain carbon in them; most specifically those that exist or pertain to* living systems, are a product of something once living.

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Selected long answer questions are similar to what may be seen on paper 2 and 3 IB Chemistry Exams

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300261, Deltalab Inc., Barcelona, Spain), over the ventral side of the body and thighs (20 strokes) and the webbing of the hind feet (10 strokes), consistent with. in part because most studies of. and are student initiatives to provide free material to help international students prepare themselves for the IB exams. Topic 10: Organic Chemistry. Topic 11: Measurement and Data Processing. Physics SL. Topic 1: Measurement and Uncertainties. Chemistry SL. Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationship. Topic 2.

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Jan 18, 2018  · IB Chemistry SL and HL Core. Here is the detailed IB Chemistry SL and HL topics here your preparation. We have tried to cover up the IB syllabus topic wise for SL and HL. Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationships (13.5 Hours) Introduction to the particulate nature of matter and chemical change. The mole concept. Reacting masses and volumes

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IB Chemistry SL Syllabus IB Chemistry SL 2016-2017 Mrs. Kerney Textbook – Chemistry Course Companion for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Oxford This is a second year course that will build on the chemistry studied in Pre-IB and IB Chemistry 2. 9.2 Topic 10: Organic Chemistry Fundamentals of organic chemistry, Functional.

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WS Review Topic 8 18 ANSWER KEY (Part 2) SL File. WS Review Topic 8 18 ANSWER KEY (Part 2) HL File. Videos & Learning Checks. Topic 8 & 18 Part 1. Video 1: Arrhenius Acids & Bases Page. Organic Chemistry – IB Topic 10 & 20. Handouts & Resources. Reading – Organic Chemistry (Topic 10…

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Topic 10: Organic Chemistry. Topic 11: Measurement and Data Processing. Physics SL. Topic 1: Measurement and Uncertainties. and are student initiatives to provide free material to help international students prepare themselves for the IB exams. Chemistry SL. Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationship. Topic 2.